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Anonymous asked: hey, i saw the post of you and your boyfriend's matching bracelets. where can you get them?! =O

I got them from Disneyland! They were about $10 each, with free engraving. [:

My sister and Zach came to visit! I brought them drinks and had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant: Little Shen Yang. They have the best authentic chinese food and the portions are big enough to fill you up and bring home for later. Then I picked up Babe and rented Source Code and watched it back at my house. It was his first time meeting my parents, sister, and Zach. Haha, he was so nervous and cute. Overall, I think they approve of me dating him. It will probably take a little more time for them to warm up to him and actually like him, but I’m sure they will. My dad seemed like he had a good time conversing with him in mandarin, haha. Good day. (:

This is Charlie, the vivacious and loving yellow labrador. Two and a half years old, and boy, has he been spoiled by his mommy and daddy owners. Even when he barks and whines, dirty up my room and bed, jump in the fish pond and roll around in the mud; he is still the best dog I know. I love dogsitting him and taking him out to play. (:

Spent the first half of the day with my mommy and brother. While my mom made a quick stop at the bank, I treated myself to a jasmine green tea w/ pearls from Tea Six. Initially, we were going to eat pho but the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed for reconstruction. So I brought them to Pepper Lunch! Beef pepper rice sizzling plate for me, beef pepper udon sizzling plate for my brother, and unagi over rice for my mommy; yummmm! We then headed to Great Mall to go shopping for an outfit for my mommy, for the wedding she’s going to in a few weeks in New York. Then met up with Babe and spent the rest of the day with him. (: